Top Ultrasound Technician Schools 2017


An ultrasound is the process of taking an image using high-frequency sound waves. It is a procedure commonly used in the medical field for the reason that it does not have any radiation, therefore posing no risk at all to the patient whom the procedure is being performed on. An ultrasound is used to take images of various parts of the body for a variety of reasons although it is mostly used to take images of a pregnant woman’s fetus. Ultrasounds are the perfect technology to be used for taking these images for they do not expose the mother or the child to any form of radiation. This procedure is carried out by professionals known as ultrasound technicians or sonographers.

The Sonographer takes an ultrasound by applying a gel on the patient’s body and then using an instrument known as a transducer, moves it above the patient’s body part on which the gel was applied to take the images. This procedure also depends on the sonographer’s knowledge of the body part they are meant to take images of so that they can take the best images at the right angle that are going to be of the best use to the doctor.

The sonographers duties are however not limited to taking of the actual ultrasound. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities of an ultrasound technician.

  • (1). Verify the patient’s medical history and their current health status, evaluating related tests and images.
  • (2). Clearly communicating to the patient what the whole procedure will entail and what is expected during and after the procedure.
  • (3). Consult with medical professionals about the need to modify a procedure to achieve the best results.
  • (4). Operate the ultrasound equipment.

  • (5). Helping patients with movement and positioning to ensure that they are comfortable and are positioned in such a way that they would be exposed to the least amount of high-frequency sound waves.
  • (6). Document unexpected results that may all for further testing.
  • (7). Upholding professionalism and utmost patient care standards before, during and after the procedure.

The ultrasound technician education entails one completing an accredited training program which may take between one and four years to complete. Accredited ultrasound programs take the form of either a two-year associate degree which can be obtained at a community college or a bachelor’s degree at four-year institutions. People with previous healthcare experience can take a one-year certificate program. Career advancement is possible by adding sonography specializations to increase your marketability. taking management courses such as department managing will also increase your chances of career advancement.

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